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Worrying about how to protect the value and sustainability of your family’s wealth? As your wealth grows steadily, you may find yourself in need of more objective, professional assistance in guaranteeing its longevity. This is where our Family Office Services here at Astute Advisory Group comes in.

We perfectly understand your concerns in preserving your wealth and in planning for the succession and future of your family business — and this is exactly why you should consider seeking assistance from our highly experienced team of Family Office Services advisors.

It may seem doubtful at first, but you’d be surprised at just how much Family Office makes sense for your business at this point. For one, it provides you with the privacy and confidentiality that you need. It also allows for proper governance and management structure in the area of wealth management, done in such a way to avoid conflicts and risks. Having a family office also ensures the alignment of general interest among family members and advisors. Of course, the family office also paves the way for potentially higher returns, as well as centralisation of other related services.

We perfectly understand your concerns in preserving your wealth and in planning for the succession and future of your family business.

key features

Our Family Office Services at Astute Advisory Group is comprised of a full range of services, carefully curated to cater to today’s family businesses — both in emerging and established markets. While at the heart of it all is investment management, other key features that we offer include the following:

  • Financial planning – This includes investment management services, philanthropic management, as well as life management and budgeting.
  • Strategy – This is comprised of transfer of estate and wealth, business and financial advisory, as well as training and education especially for the next generation within the family.
  • Governance – Through governance, we’d be able to provide you with services such as reporting and record keeping, administrative services, and succession planning.
  • Advisory – Advisory entails tax and legal advisory, compliance and regulatory assistance, as well as risk management and insurance services

On top of all of these key features of our Family Office Services, our highly credible team here at Astute Advisory Group would readily provide specific and actionable strategies that are tailor-made to suit your business and estate. Our main goal is to treat your family business as our own and in doing so, ensuring that you are putting the future of your venture in good hands.

why partner with astute advisory group

Have more time and energy in directing your focus towards your core business issues, as well as in developing new services and finding innovative ways to usher in new customers.

Have a better understanding of the financial side of the business, especially for first-time entrepreneurs, in order to minimise risks and have more control over the business’ cash flow.

Have access to a readily available sounding board for when you need to make tough business decisions, as well as in getting a clearer view of your business plans.

Improve on your decision-making capabilities upon clearly seeing the hard and true numbers of the business.

Have a sense of comfort knowing that a professional has your back when it comes to overseeing, protecting, and constantly improving the financial aspect of your business — all while reducing threats and helping you harness and grow the overall profitability of your company.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Astute Advisory Group office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

need we say more?

Leave it to our reliable team here at Astute Advisory Group help you accelerate the growth of your business and keep it growing for many years to come. To start things off, simply contact us for a free consultation or complete our Business Risks SurveyOur Business Risks Survey comprises of 10 questions that would help you identify key risks in your business. Once you’re done answering, you’ll receive a personalised Business Risks Scorecard. It only takes 1 minute of your time and we highly recommend you complete the survey before we proceed.