why should you partner with us?

As a growing SME ourselves, we understand the hesitation in partnering up with consultancy firms. It’s always a risk to start and grow a business, and it’s an even bigger risk to trust someone else with the future of the company you’re trying to build.

However, we’d like to think of ourselves as the risk that you need to take. All entrepreneurs need a helping hand in various if not all, aspects of business growth and profitability — and that’s exactly the purpose of our own company’s existence.

Our goal is not just to be mere business partners, but moreso your allies who share your values and vision for your company. We’re ready to offer our services at any given level to your business, whether you’re still in the building phase or perhaps in a growing phase, and you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be working directly with our own leaders here at Astute Advisory Group.

how can we help you?

To give you an overview of what we do, here are the core services we provide for business owners such as yourself.

Virtual CFO

The key role of the Virtual CFO would entail assisting in the successful implementation of budgets and business plans for the business.

Board of Advice

The key role of having a Board of Advice advisory service is to provide your business with an independent sounding board to enable you to strategically grow and transition the value of your business.

Family Office

Our Family Office Services at Astute Advisory Group is comprised of a full range of services, carefully curated to cater to today’s family businesses — both in emerging and established markets.

Business Valuation

Here at AAG, we are deeply passionate about giving credible advice to private and family business owners on how to increase the value of your company, in order to achieve financial independence and long-term security.

HR Advisory and
Workplace Advice

Our main goal here at Astute Advisory Group is to provide you with the necessary support in overseeing all aspects of human resources and employment within your company, so you’ll be able to direct your energy and focus towards growing your business even more.

Our Workplace Advice team is comprised of eight full-time highly qualified advisors, specialising in either industrial relations or workplace advice, are up and ready to give you the answers and solutions you need to do right by your workplace issues and problems.

Of course, our work doesn’t stop there. So long as it’s within the realm of business improvement and management, our team here at Astute Advisory Group will readily provide you with the help that you need with utmost professionalism and credibility.

Consider us as growth partners, as we come up with actionable and effective strategies, systems, and processes that are specially customised to suit your business’ needs and requirements. To know more about what we do and how we can help you, read more on our Services page.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Astute Advisory Group office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.